Pieland: The Dough Is Rising

The Octopies are coming!
  • What is Pieland?
    Pieland is a unique world of Pies, inhabited by Pies, and filled with Pie. Soon, we will be releasing our first NFT drop, focusing on various slices of Octopies. Previously, you met our team and got a sneak peek at some of the NFT artwork, in our last article. We plan to launch these delicious Octopies in the near future, so keep an eye out for our launch date announcement!
  • What blockchain will it be on?
    We have chosen Ethereum as our launch platform for many reasons, including ease of access, mainstream familiarity, and the active ecosystem. However, this doesn’t preclude us from building on other chains in the future — bridging our Pies, building gaming features, special drops, etc. can all happen on other chains and is certainly something we as a team are open-minded about as NFTs head towards a multi-chain future. But first, making sure we focus on getting the first batch of Pies baked just right is our pieority.
  • Wen Pies?
    We expect our first batch of Pies will be ready to come out of the oven early in Q1 2022, with further details to come in early January. However — we won’t reveal the exact launch date until we are convinced we have all of our ingredients perfectly weighed and are ready to turn on the oven.
  • How many Pies?
    We’ve decided not to give specifics on these questions for just now. We will make sure we give the community plenty of notice — but due to how quickly things change in the NFT space, we want to avoid being too rigid on this in order to achieve maximum success for our Pies and for our community.
  • How rare are the Pies? How many trait combinations?
    All of our Octopies will be very distinct and exciting. Each Octopie will belong to a specific Slice (aka a specific faction). Within that Slice, there will be a range of traits and variations that are possible. As we continue to show special sneak peeks of our Octopies, this will become more and more apparent. You can expect there to be billions of potential Pie combinations. And we will also have a range of special, one-of-a-kind Pies. At least 4 baker’s dozens of 1-of-1s could potentially be baked.
  • What utility will there be?
    When we share our longer term vision, this will be detailed more clearly. To give a small taste for our members to snack on, you can expect a range of utility for the Pieland community, because we intend to reward loyal Pie holders in numerous ways. Without giving too many specifics, you can expect to see the following utility for our Pieple: Airdrops for holders, Slice specific compietitions, piping hot Pie merch, Pie-driven story content, gamification through ownership, community voting, community events, giveaways, and more. We want to be very clear — this is not an exhaustive list. More information will come on all of this soon!
  • Will there be a whitelist?
    Yes! There will be. The Pieple that manage to get on the whitelist ahead of the drop will be given a window of time to mint an Octopie before anyone else… and there may be other benefits too! Getting on the whitelist is simple — simply take part in our community where there will be a range of ways to win. Giveaways on Twitter, games in our Discord, special guest host giveaways, etc. If you jump into our Discord, you can learn more about the whitelist and how to get exclusive early access to the Pieland drop.



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A fun and exciting NFT project all about the Pies